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RiboMed files new patent application: Methods and Reagents for Detecting CpG Methylation with a Methyl CpG Binding Protein (MBP)

Inventors:            Michelle M. Hanna and David McCarthy


The present invention provides a simple and sensitive technology for the detection of CpG methylation in DNA without chemical modification of sample DNA by bisulfite treatment or PCR amplification. Signal generation is based on an Abscription (Abortive Transcription) technology in which DNA signal generators called Abortive Promoter Cassettes (APCs) are bound to target mCpG sites via mCpG target specific probes based on methyl binding polypeptides or methyl binding domains thereof. RNA polymerase produces uniform, short RNA molecules from synthetic promoters in APCs as signals of the presence of methylated CpGs. Detection of CpG methylation and  hypermethylation of DNA targets such as CpG islands provides a convenient means for detecting and monitoring cancer in a subject.

RiboMed receives second patent on abscription-based molecular detection:

RM_logo  RiboMed Biotechnologies, Inc. announced that the United States Patent Office has issued its second patent for their novel isothermal molecular detection process, Abscription™. The patent, entitled “Molecular Detection Systems Utilizing Reiterative Oligonucleotide Synthesis” covers additional elements in methods for detecting the presence of target molecules by generating multiple copies of short target-specific oligonucleotides. This signal generation method, the basis of RiboMed’s RiboMaker Detection System, is a robust, PCR-free process for detecting proteins and nucleic acids without target amplification. The first patent focused primarily on detecting a DNA modification, methylation of CpG sites that occur very early in cancer and other diseases.