RiboMed awarded patent for Molecular Detection Systems utilizing reiterative oligonucleotide synthesis.

United States Patent 7,468,261,  Hanna  December 23, 2008

Molecular detection systems utilizing reiterative oligonucleotide synthesis


The present invention provides methods for detecting the presence of a target molecule by generating multiple detectable oligonucleotides through reiterative enzymatic oligonucleotide synthesis events on a defined polynucleotide sequence. The methods generally comprise using a nucleoside, a mononucleotide, an oligonucleotide, or a polynucleotide, or analog thereof, to initiate synthesis of an oligonucleotide product that is substantially complementary to a target site on the defined polynucleotide sequence; optionally using nucleotides or nucleotide analogs as oligonucleotide chain elongators; using a chain terminator to terminate the polymerization reaction; and detecting multiple oligonucleotide products that have been synthesized by the polymerase. In one aspect, the invention provides a method for detecting a target protein, DNA or RNA by generating multiple detectable RNA oligoribonucleotides by abortive transcription.

RiboMed receives second patent on abscription-based molecular detection:

RM_logo  RiboMed Biotechnologies, Inc. announced that the United States Patent Office has issued its second patent for their novel isothermal molecular detection process, Abscription™. The patent, entitled “Molecular Detection Systems Utilizing Reiterative Oligonucleotide Synthesis” covers additional elements in methods for detecting the presence of target molecules by generating multiple copies of short target-specific oligonucleotides. This signal generation method, the basis of RiboMed’s RiboMaker Detection System, is a robust, PCR-free process for detecting proteins and nucleic acids without target amplification. The first patent focused primarily on detecting a DNA modification, methylation of CpG sites that occur very early in cancer and other diseases.

RiboMed chosen to present at LifeScienceFest

FOLSOM, Calif., May 21, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Fifteen companies nationwide with innovations in medical devices, diagnostics and biotechnology have been chosen to present to investors and industry executives at TechCoire’s LifeScienceFest 2008 in Davis, Calif. The two-day conference will be held June 3-4 at the University of California, Davis’ Mondavi Center. Read the article Sacramento Business Journal

National Cancer Institute grant awarded:

RiboMed has been awarded a Phase I SBIR grant from the National Cancer Institute under its Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies Program (IMAT). The grant, entitled “Abscription™-Based CpG Methylation Assays for Early Cancer Detection” involves development of a bisulfate-free method for detecting gene methylation associated with tumor suppressor genes.

Dr. Edward Gelmann now on board

RiboMed has added Dr. Edward Gelmann to its Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Gelmann is the chief of the Division of Hematology/Oncology in the Department of Medicine and deputy director for clinical research in the cancer center at the Columbia University Medical Center. Dr. Gelmann’s lab has been at the forefront of work on NKX3.1, a protein solely expressed in the prostate and shown to be the prostate cancer suppressor protein first downregulated at initiation of prostate cancer. Before coming to CUMC, Dr. Gelmann was chief of the Division of Clinical Sciences in the Department of Oncology at Georgetown University. He also directed the Clinical Research Management Office and the Program in Growth Regulation of Cancer at Georgetown’s Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. He is a graduate of Stanford University Medical School and received his oncology training at the National Cancer Institute.


RiboMed has relocated its operations to Carlsbad, California in northern San Diego County from its original location in Phoenix, Arizona.   

“The Life Sciences world is one of discovery and collaboration,” stated Dr. Michelle Hanna, RiboMed Founder and CEO.  “We look forward to working with the greater San Diego Life Sciences Community in the years to come.” 

RiboMed’s new facilities are located at:

1989 Palomar Oaks Way, Suite B, Carlsbad, CA  92011.

RiboMed Scientific Advisory Board Member to Receive Nobel Prize in Medicine

RiboMed is thrilled to extend our congratulations to Dr. Mario Capecchi, one of RiboMed’s Scientific Advisory Board members. Dr. Capecchi has been chosen to share this year’s Nobel Prize for Medicine. Dr. Capecchi’s pioneering work in gene targeting has applications in virtually all areas of biomedicine. His knock-out mice revolutionized the study of specific gene function.