RiboMed News 2003

RiboMed Awarded $502K NIH Phase I SBIR Grant

Phoenix, Arizona (June 1, 2003) – RiboMed, a biotechnology company developing rapid, PCR-free molecular detection assays, has been awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. This $502,000 grant will be used to further development of an isothermal signal amplification system based upon the company’s proprietary Abscription™ process. The assay under development will be used for the rapid detection and quantification of target DNA or RNA in blood or tissue samples.

RiboMed Registers Trademark for RiboLog®

Phoenix (April 15, 2003) – Today RiboMed was awarded a registered trademark by the US Patent and Trademark Office for their RiboLog products. RiboLogs are a class of novel nucleotide analogs tagged with signal generating reporter groups that can be enzymatically incorporated into RNA or DNA at extremely high efficiencies. The reporters can include fluorescent tags, cross linkers, antibody-specific haptens, metals, and other tags for immobilization or for production of a detectable, quantifiable signal. RiboLogs are the basis of RiboMed’s RiboMaker™ Detection System, which can be used to detect both the presence of and changes in specific DNA sequences, the presence of RNA and proteins that are associated with specific diseases, or the agents that cause diseases.


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